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        Enterprise aim:
        trusted partner of customers, home of employees’ growth, outstanding members of the same area.

        Enterprise mission:
        to create “Heyida” brand in the field of hole saw

        The core values:
        progress with determination, cooperate with sincereness and unity, look forward with foresight,unsolidarity, learn constantly and abundantly

        Business philosophy:
        to stimulate individual potential, make progress with staff together; to enhance product quality, get win-win cooperation with customer; stick to development goals, keep pace with the world.

        To create value for customers, seek development for the staff and take responsibility for the society. Heyida advocate to create a harmonious, pleasant work and living environment for the staff, and fully inspire everyone’s creativity and master spirit.

        Heyida participate in social charity activities, environmental enzyme homemade promotional activities, and the public welfare activities of traditional culture study, acting out the promise of growth contributes to the staff and achievement contributes to society".


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