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        Twist drill why have good market prospects

        Why twist drill with good market prospects? You may have to twist understand it, it is an efficient, environmentally friendly, low noise, and many other advantages, in order to be accepted by most of the construction and technical personnel.

        Twist greatly improved production efficiency, the breakthrough has been affecting production quality and hinder the progress of production bottlenecks, and achieved very encouraging results, it has been widely used in automotive, aerospace industry, medical equipment industry, mold and tool manufacturing art industry.

        Twist features:

        1, with high precision, the processing time is short, high bit life, chip and good;

        2, by a twist drill with a V-shaped cutting edge and one (or two) drill cutting fluid can pass, crescent-shaped drill pipe and drill stem clamp used components. Mainly for the hole depth and hole diameter ratio greater than 100 times the deep-hole drilling, especially φ2 ~ φ6 deep hole machining.

        3, pore-forming speed, high work efficiency. Rotary drilling rig construction barrel with the shutter by gyratory crusher rock drill, and drill directly to geotechnical load hopper, without the need to crush the rock by mud out of the hole outside, which greatly improves the efficiency of construction.

        This is the reason for the strong demand twist, Taizhou Sainuo Ke Machinery Co., Ltd. in the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" concept, efforts to create customer satisfaction brand enterprises.

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