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        Prediction of the future development trend of China's woodworking machinery industry

        Application to build China's most professional woodworking saws and knives and accessories supplier network marketing platform for domestic and foreign woodworking saw blade manufacturers, dealers and furniture manufacturing to provide users with timely and reliable information and practical information and technical support. Is committed to the development and promotion of e-commerce in the field of woodworking saws and knives, enhance their brand value, supply and demand sides to achieve the best online trading platform for electronic business

        With the continuous development of science and technology, new technology, new materials, new techniques are emerging.

        Woodworking machinery and equipment level of China increasingly small gap with foreign countries, foreign advanced technology and equipment will continue the influx of domestic woodworking machinery, the challenges and opportunities. Electronic technology, digital control technology, laser technology, to furniture, machinery automation, flexible, intelligent and integrated to bring new vitality to make ever-increasing variety of machine tools.

        High-tech intervention Woodworking machinery:

        Promoting automation, intelligent regardless of CNC machining technology in woodworking machinery, or the popularization of computer technology, are harbingers of high technology is advancing to various technical fields. Electronic technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other areas in the woodworking machinery is being or will be able to get a wide range of applications

        From the history of woodworking machinery development worldwide, the wood processing and metal processing method method assimilation trend. Can we boldly predicted that the future will be remodeling timber shaped like forging ingots as metal working means more to follow

        In order to benefit from the domestic scale driven development pattern, the timber processing enterprises or woodworking machinery and equipment, have large-scale, large-scale trends, or they will be eliminated. http://www.fjdeli.cn/

        Behind the present stage, a simple woodworking machinery is still a big market, many wood processing enterprises also pursuing labor-intensive business model. Future wood processing enterprises must take the industrialization, large-scale, large-scale development of roads

        Improve the efficiency and automation of production.

        Ways to improve production efficiency has two aspects: First, shorten the processing time, but to shorten the auxiliary time. Shorten the processing time, in addition to improve the cutting speed, increase feed rate, its main measure is a step focus, because of the tool, vibration and noise, the cutting speed and feed rate can not increase indefinitely, because more knife-through joint multi-process machine tools and centralized processing center has become the main direction of development. As a joint sawing, milling, drilling, mortising, double-end milling machine sanding function; focus on a variety of machining process CNC machining centers. Shorten working time primarily to reduce non-processing time, processing center that came with the magazine, or by way of automatic switching between control lines and flexible manufacturing unit table, shortening the working time to a minimum.

        CNC woodworking machinery to replace the traditional woodworking machinery inflection point

        Although "we must first of its profits" is an ancient rule of the industry, however, the configuration of equipment, companies tend to make profit-maximizing choice and their own strength to match the trend in the market, choose the best equipment does not necessarily mean profits, but the lack of competitiveness means. When labor costs are low enough, enterprises in order to achieve its profit targets, "human wave tactics" is often the best choice for enterprises. Import complete sets of NC furniture production line price in the hundreds of million of annual interest on the loan will only millions, only interest on the loan can hire hundreds of employees; depreciation and equipment repair and maintenance costs, you can also hire hundreds of low cost Employee. Therefore, under the labor cost is very low, less demanding market for precision technology, the mechanical selection of traditional, often superior to CNC machinery choice.

        Social changes forced situation to change. In recent years, although the minimum wage over the Chinese growth rate is not too large, but in the Chinese furniture and wood processing industries, due to the need to hire a large number of skilled workers, skilled craftsmen and these wages are often beyond the statutory minimum wage level of around 2 to 3 times, coupled with the technical schools across the country training skilled workers not substantially furniture industry, these liquidity greatly rely on corporate training, training costs a lot of money paid by the enterprise; and after employee turnover, the company's pay often failed to be implemented. Guangdong, for example, the statutory minimum wage in Shenzhen is still no more than 1000 yuan a month, but to hire skilled plant workers, have to pay more than 2,000 yuan per month. Coupled with the recent persistent price increases, the level of wages inevitably there is a large room for improvement. Enterprises in the past to improve the objective existence of labor intensity and prolong labor time practice in the legal and practical significance has reached its limit, therefore, enterprises should improve labor productivity, strengthen technical equipment to only rely on projections

        Although CNC woodworking machinery more expensive, but it several times higher than traditional mechanical efficiency or make a lot of business owners eager. In recent years, some the size of furniture companies have begun spared no expense to the introduction of imported complete sets of numerical control equipment, numerical control equipment or purchase a small amount of the production line to arm purely pressure dictates.

        NC core technology still lies in the hands of foreign companies

        More advanced numerical control equipment gradually favored by the size of the business, in addition to improving labor productivity reasons, but also because the numerical control equipment substantially eliminate the occurrence of accidents. In the past, the cost of work-related injuries furniture industry is relatively low, if the dismissal is only because of injury caused by the cost of 10 disabled employees 20,000 yuan or so; but today, raise legal awareness of employees, local disability compensation benefits because the minimum wage rise, corporate employee compensation costs 10 disability pay have been raised about three times as many furniture companies producing heavy task of long-term workers to work overtime leading to operator fatigue, when accidents occur, thus leading to a variety of trouble has let business owners cope with their.

        The level of sophistication and the volume ratio aspect, CNC woodworking machinery so that the traditional mechanical feel powerless and frustrated. In recent years, consumer technology products for the furniture requires a sustained increase in the level of technology to enhance the comprehensive management tools to the limit after only satisfy the discerning demands of consumers through the process equipment Niaoqianghuanpao order. CNC woodworking machinery production of products in addition to a high degree of precision than, its quality much higher than traditional mechanical more balanced, to avoid the inevitable fluctuations in the quality of traditional machinery. Today's raw material prices have been faced with "bull market price fluctuations every few years are so gripped production enterprises, and in terms of improving the effective utilization of raw materials, CNC machinery also traditional mechanical unparalleled advantage.

        Chinese woodworking machinery CNC turning point has quietly come

        Long before quietly changing market leader, many domestic universities and research institutions have been proactive. Although universities and research institutions and a lack of interest in the preparation of traditional woodworking machinery, but the machinery and equipment industry as a high-end CNC machinery, the relevant state ministries and commissions devoted enough attention. Metal CNC machinery, many Chinese enterprises have made substantial breakthroughs. Tsinghua University, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University and other universities and research institutions, CNC woodworking machinery has made considerable technical reserves to be a Spring plumbing market, we can work together with companies dominate the market. Guangdong Markov and other enterprises have come to rely on their own strength to market a small number of CNC woodworking machinery products. Including most of the vocational school in far inland, have opened CNC machine operator course, but also for enterprises to provide a large number of potential talent pool. Objectively resolve or mitigate the woodworking machinery market entry service pressure.

        Compared with traditional woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery CNC domestic price of its 5-10 times; the price of imported CNC products is 2-3 times that of domestic CNC products. Although CNC woodworking machinery in terms of efficiency, safety, precision and a timber such as a comprehensive win rate but a high price threshold remains prohibitive for many business owners. However, with the production and sales of CNC machine growing, machinery and software costs will be diluted, the price is expected to be down.

        Experience from other areas of machinery and equipment, the foreign companies looking to master the technology initiative depress prices, undoubtedly elusive, while foreign companies CNC machinery products also difficult to reduce service costs. Chinese furniture and wood processing enterprises should enjoy more affordable to CNC woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery can only expect local companies to achieve technological breakthroughs and gradual accumulation, or for technical cooperation with foreign enterprises to China's rapid popularization of CNC woodworking machinery .

        There is no "atmosphere of Wind", the market has been quietly changing, the new pattern is quietly nurtured. Chinese woodworking machinery CNC turning point has come quietly, many woodworking machinery companies will only be able to carry out the second venture in the field of NC something woodworking machinery enterprises, in order to experience the market Ebb Tide, writing two thousand years the legend of Luban.

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